Testimonial from Design Associates

Published on: August, 22nd 2018 | Under:

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Design Associates is a full service graphic design consultancy of which I am the owner. We deal with a variety of clients, with a wide variety of needs. From Branding their businesses and products to promoting them through websites advertisements and printed material.

I have been using Computer Troubleshooters for a while now for a variety of their services and I highly recommend them as they are a business that are not in it for the quick buck. I have looked for their advice on how best to backup our system and they were honest enough to say due to the amount of data that I hold that they would not be cost effective and pointed me in the direction free of charge. Due to that I have used them for laptop services and repairs and they have been the ultimate professionals in repairing and servicing my laptop.

Again I would highly recommend their services and would advise anyone at least to give them a call for a chat as they are trustworthy, professional and will give advice to anyone about their field of expertise (which they are very knowledgeable.)

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